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The Diploma in Beauty Therapy General (QFC) is a job ready qualification based on national occupational standards for Beauty Therapy.  This qualification will provide you with the requisite knowledge, understanding and skills to work competently as a beauty therapist. 

Throughout the level 2 qualification you will ensure responsibility to reduce risks to health & safety, promote additional services or products to clients, develop and maintain your effectiveness at work, provide facial skincare treatment, enhance the appearance of eyebrows and lashes, carry out waxing services and provide pedicure and manicure services.


Course Contents:


YEAR 1                                                                                                                                  




MANDATORY - from this group youll need to cover a minimum of 8 units and earn a minimum of 45 credits.


- Provide facial skin care treatments                                                                 8 credits

- Enchance the appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes                                      5 credits

- Carry out waxing services                                                                             7 credits

- Provide manicure services                                                                             6 credits

- Provide pedicure services                                                                              6 credits

- Develop and maintain effectiveness at work                                                    3 credits

- Promote additional services or products to customers                                      6 credits

- Ensure responsibility for actions to reduce riskes to health & safety                  4 credits


OPTIONAL - from this group youll need to cover a minimum of 2 units and earn a minimum of 9 credits.


- Carry out ear piercing                                                                                  2 credits

- Provide make-up services                                                                             6 credits

- Assist with spa operations                                                                            4 credits

- Enhance appearance using skin camouflage                                                   6 credits

- Provide threading services                                                                            4 credits

- Fulfil salon reception duties                                                                          3 credits


 YEAR 2                                                                                                               





MANDATORY - from this group youll need to cover a minimum of 5 units and earn a minimum of 38 credits.


- Provide facial electrotherapy treatments                                                        11 credits

- Provide body electrotherapy treatments                                                         11 credits

- Provide body massage                                                                                  9 credits

- Client care and communication in beauty related industries                             3 credits

- Monitor and maintain health & safety practice in the salon                               4 credits


OPTIONAL - from this group youll need to cover a minimum of 1 units and earn a minimum of 8 credits.


- Provide massage using pre-blended aromatherapy oils                                   7 credits

- Apply individual permanent lashes                                                                4 credits

- Intimate waxing for female clients                                                                4 credits

- Apply micro dermabrasion                                                                            4 credits

- Provide self tanning                                                                                     3 credits

- Provide electrical epilation                                                                            11 credits

-  Apply stone therapy massage                                                                      9 credits

- Provide Indian head massage                                                                       6 credits



YEAR 3                                                                                                                            





This course will focus on advanced beauty practices for reducing hair growth using intense light and laser treatments and skin rejuvenation using intense light and microdermabrasion.

This course will also cover the understanding of product chemistry, the physiology of ageing and the principle of dermatology and microbiology.  This qualification will also cover salon management, with the opportunity to learn about management functions such as PR, marketing and research.


MANDATORY - from this group youll need to cover a minimum of 9 units and earn a minimum of 83 credits.


- Apply micro dermabrasion                                                                               4 credits

- Dermatology and microbiology                                                                         5 credits

- Laser and light treatments for hair removal                                                       10 credits

- Laser and light treatments for skin rejuvenation                                                10 credits

- Chemistry of hair and beauty products                                                             14 credits

- Management of health, safety and security in the salon                                      8 credits

- Physiology of ageing                                                                                       10 credits

- Quality management of client care in the hair and beauty sector                         12 credits

- Salon management                                                                                         10 credits


OPTIONAL - from this group youll need to cover a minimum of 1 units and earn a minimum of 10 credits.


- Research in the hair and beauty sector                                                              7 credits

- IT and data handling in the hair and beauty sector                                             5 credits

- Marketing in the hair and beauty sector                                                             6 credits

- Cultural, social and technological influences on beauty-related industries              5 credits

- Public Relations (PR) in the hair and beauty sector                                             10 credits










Requirement: Minimum age 16+ Knowledge of good written and spoken English
Terms & Conditions: